I started to blog when I felt like the adventure was over. I was now in a routine of working in the office and I had to keep my heart pumping passion in order to create videos for my church. Growing in skill and in spirit was my greatest challenge.

Here, I found inspiring others was inspiring myself. This blog consists of photography, videos and blog post about being a creative. I enjoy traveling, visiting new coffee shops, reading books, and looking for new ways to tell a story.

If you remember anything from me as a creative, it isn’t follow your dreams, or be yourself, or even change the world – its serve one another, and follow the dream God has for your life. I promise those two action steps will never fail you.

Enjoy my blog archive and feel free to ask questions if you are new to video editing.


  1. Your last few sentences really resonate with me as I set out to find my own “purpose” for my blog and to find my own sense of freedom of expression. I love your work.

    Always be free!

  2. I’ve had a 7D for about a year now….wish I still had my old 30D. Hopefully a course on the 7D will restore my confidence – I feel like I have stepped backwards with what is supposed to a great bit of kit.

  3. You have an impressive resume and a fun blog! Hmm, so you’re in San Bernardino. Maybe you know Phil Yeh? He’s the founder and editor of UNCLE JAM, an arts and literacy magazine based out of San Bernardino.

    1. Thanks Henry, I’ve never heard of Phil but I’m interested to find out more! I’ll look him up. The creative community is small here, so it’s good for us to stick together !

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