Eye on LA – Disneyland!

When I lived in Australia I use to brag about being from California. The first thing people would ask me was if I lived near Disneyland. When I said yes I would invite them to come visit. To my surprise many have taken me on that offer, even 10 years later! Peita’s life time dream…

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The Future You will Thank You

Do you have any weird rules you put on yourself? I have one where I tell myself to read a chapter of a book before I hang out online, watch netflix or play on my ipad. I also put my timer on for 15 minutes to keep me still while reading. I use to have…


Huntington Beach

Making the summer official by visiting Huntington Beach. I snapped photos as Gus filmed. I turned off my auto focus and decided to snap photos the old school way. Snapping as I saw something interesting without worrying where my focus points where. It was nice and liberating.


The boys

Taking photos of kids is always great practice, they move around so fast, if I’m busy looking at my settings, I can miss a  moment. I noticed the photos of my nephews where extremely outdated. I love capturing memories.


How Jerry Seinfeld Taught Me How to Find the Moment

Something I enjoy doing is going through old stuff at a thrift store and discovering something I would’ve never thought to have bought anywhere else. I found Jerry Seinfeld book called SeinLanguage. Of course I already heard all his jokes from the 90’s from his show but I knew it would be a fun read.…